Candidate Campaign Workshop

On July 29, the Leadership Institute will be hosing a candidate training workshop from 8:30 to 4:30. It will be held at the Coutyard by Marriot Hotel located next to the Mall of Abilene. The workshop will teach you how to manage or contribute to a winning campaign.

Attendees will learn how to:
• Develop a campaign strategy
• Determine vote goals and voter targeting
• Create a compelling message
• Fundraise for your campaign
Click Here to register for the event, or to see the agenda.

Shelly Luther to Visit Abilene!

Shelley Luther, the Salon onwer who re-opened her salon during the pandemic, and got arrested for it, will speak to us about her treatment.


Thank you Dr. Armstrong!

We would like to thank Dr. Armstrong for coming out to speak to us the other day. His message was both enlightening and inspiring. If you missed it, please check out some of his interviews at Armstrong for America. Be sure to watch his movie about censorship during the covid19 pandemic at Seeing 2020 Movie 

TRCP Monthly Meetings Resume

Covid seemed to stop our country as we were trying to keep our hospitals from being overrun but now that most of that is nearing an end we will be starting our TCRP regular monthly meetings again.  These occur every 4th Tuesday of the month.  Please come and invite everyone with like minds to join.

Our special guest speaker is Mary Jane Avery, SREC from District 24.  We are excited to have her address us about how the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) functions and what's happening in our District.  Please join us at the Abilene Public Library South on April 27th, 2021at 6:30 p.m. in the Mall of Abilene.  Please arrive any time after 6:00 p.m. to visit before the meeting starts. 

We have much to be grateful for, even in the difficult times we just went through. As we get back to business we all look forward to seeing the faces of friends, both old and new.  Many exciting things are being planned now so please put this on your calendars to attend. See you on the 27th.

Vacant Precinct Chair Meeting on April 20th

New and exciting times are happening for the Taylor County Republican party.  Our Chairman Winston Ohlhausen has served us well for many years and is now in a position to need to take care of his family and farm.  We are so proud to have had his love for our Country and county and all that he did for us.  He will still be with us just not in the chairman position anymore. Thank you Winston for your service.  May God bless you!!

Our newly elected Chairman Chris Carnohan has taken the reigns and we are also grateful to have his excitement for the work ahead as he sees the challenges before Republicans.  We will be sharing upcoming events as we get them planned for the near future. 

First things first, we have set a date of April 20th for a meeting for the positions that need to be filled for county precinct chairs.  If you are interested in learning about what being a precinct chair looks like and the duties required please join us on April 20th, 21 at 6:30 pm at the Mall of Abilene South Branch Library, 4310 Buffalo Gap Rd.  We will have you fill out the application required and start the election process. 

We have room for everyone that wants to help so even if you would love to volunteer but not be a precinct chair please come and be apart.  We will be setting up committee's and have many events and ways you can be of service.  Please let us know how we can help you find your way of serving.  See you in 2 weeks!!